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    "title": "Asano Terao Interview I",
    "description": "Issei female. Born 1897 in Hiroshima, Japan. Graduated from Shintoku Jikka Girls' High School. Married Mr. Shizuto Terao, an Issei who returned to Japan temporarily from the U.S., through an arranged marriage, and immigrated to the U.S. Lived in Seattle until they moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, to stay with her cousin in the spring of 1942 before all people of Japanese ancestry were removed from the West Coast. After five years in Salt Lake City, returned to Seattle with her family. At the time of the interview, Mrs. Terao resided at an assisted-living apartment in Seattle.<p>(This interview was conducted in Japanese and was translated so as to convey Mrs. Terao's way of speaking as closely as possible. For example, there are instances in which she makes some grammatical errors. These mistakes are conveyed through similar grammatical errors in English in order to recreate Mrs. Terao's manner of speaking. Mrs. Terao speaks in the Hiroshima dialect.)",
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