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    "title": "Jimi Yamaichi Interview I",
    "description": "Nisei male. Born October 27, 1922. Grew up in San Jose, California, where his father had a farming operation. Incarcerated in the Pomona Assembly Center, Heart Mountain concentration camp and Tule Lake Segregation Center. Worked on an engineering crew on the Shoshone Dam, and later was a carpentry foreman in Tule Lake. Was in Tule during the riots, and during the imposition of the draft. He chose to resist the draft, and unlike other draft resisters, was exonerated of all charges by a judge in Eureka, California. After the war, conducted walking tours of the Tule Lake grounds during reunions organized by the Tule Lake Pilgrimage Committee.",
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            "namepart": "Alice Ito",
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            "namepart": "Steve Hamada",
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