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    "title": "Mon Tsuchida and granddaughter Leonora during a pilgrimage to the site of Tanforan Assembly Center",
    "description": "Caption next to image reads, \"DAY OF REMEMBRANCE--Mon Tsuchida, 84, and granddaughter Leonora, 10, both from San Bruno, Calif. listen to speakers during a pilgrimage at the site of the old Tanforan racetrack in San Bruno where 8,033 Japanese-Americans were incarcerated during WWII. Monday marked the 37th anniversary of the Executive Order 9066 which incarcerated over 125,000 Japanese-Americans. Mrs. Tsuchida was incarcerated at Tanforan during WWII and she wears the identification card, below, just like the one she wore 37 years ago.\" See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener noreferrer\">hslb_npc_0051</a>",
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    "extent": "black and white, 8 x 10 inches",
    "contributor": "Historical Society of Long Beach, Long Beach, California",
    "alternate_id": "CSUJAD Local ID: hslb_npc_0051, CSUJAD Project ID: hslb_npc_0051",
    "credit": "Courtesy of Historical Society of Long Beach, Long Beach, California",
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            "term": "Identity and values -- Family"
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