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    "title": "CSU Dominguez Hills Toshio Oku Photo Album",
    "description": "The photo album is a collection of Tule Lake incarceration camp photos including photos of a fire, group photo of the Electrical Department, and inside the print shop of the Newell Star. The album highlights Toshio Oku (1925-2010), the son of Naojiro Oku (1893-1979) and Misao Oku (1902-2000) who was incarcerated at Tule Lake and worked printing the Newell Star in 1946.",
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    "unitdateinclusive": "1942-1946",
    "unitdatebulk": "1942-1946",
    "contributor": "CSU Dominguez Hills Department of Archives and Special Collections",
    "physloc": "Archives & Special Collections<br />University Library, #5039<br />California State University Dominguez Hills<br />1000 East Victoria Street<br />Carson, California 90747<br />Phone: (310) 243-3895<br />URL:",
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    "custodhist": "Special remote backup moved off of Shenandoah to physical media. 2020",
    "processinfo": "This collection was processed by Karen Clemons, 2017.",
    "rights": "nocc",
    "userrestrict": "Permission to publish the image must be obtained from the CSUDH Archives as owner of the physical item and copyright. In instances when the copyright ownership is not clear it is the responsibility of the researcher to obtain copyright permission.",
    "prefercite": "Toshio Oku Photo Album, Archives & Special Collections, University Library, California State University, Dominguez Hills",
    "bioghist": "Emiko [Amy] Terada (1924-) and her brother Usami [Sam] Terada (1923-2013) were living in Lawndale, California before they were forcibly removed and sent to Rohwer incarceration camp in 1942. While living in Lawndale, they were neighbors with Albert William (A.W.) Thomas (1883-1974), his wife Helen L. Thomas (1888-1987) and their daughter Laura E. Thomas (1928-) who were also living on Prairie Avenue in Lawndale. In 1949, Emiko married Dave T. Nakawaki.",
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