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    "title": "UC Santa Barbara Japanese in America, circa early 1900s-1960s",
    "description": "Japanese in America, circa early 1900s-1960s, boxes 7-12: The collection contains photographs and albums of the Japanese in the United States, mainly Washington, California, Colorado, and Utah. The photographs include family portraits and snapshots capturing their community activities and local events, such as picnic, wedding, funeral, local associations’ activities, etc., mostly taken in the early 1900s. Also includes sets of photographs and albums compiled by the Taenaka family, a Japanese family settled in Los Angeles, California. The Taenaka family photographs depict their lives as Japanese immigrants, Nisei children, and Kibei soldier participating in the war as well as their Japanese family relationship in pre-war and post-war Japan.",
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    "prefercite": "Japanese in America, circa early 1900s-1960s, Special Research Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library, California State University, Santa Barbara",
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