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    "title": "Tribute to Michi Weglyn by Toshiko Kawamoto, February 21, 1998",
    "description": "A tribute to Michi Weglyn written by Toshiko Kawamoto in which she talks about her husband Dave Kawamoto who was one of the 63 men at Heart Mountain incarceration camp to refuse induction into the military. According to Toshiko Kawamoto her husband had been taken to the Heart Mountain incarceration camp a few weeks shy of graduating with a degree in business administration from CSU San Jose. Many years later Michi Weglyn wrote to CSU San Jose President Robert Caret and convinced him to award Dave Kawamoto his degree posthumously. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener noreferrer\">chi_74_01_001</a>",
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    "rights_statement": "All requests for permission to publish or quote from manuscripts must be submitted in writing to the Head of the Department of Special Research Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library.",
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            "term": "Heart Mountain",
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            "term": "World War II -- Concentration camps -- Impact of incarceration",
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            "term": "World War II -- Resistance and dissidence -- Draft resistance -- Fair Play Committee",
            "id": "428"
            "term": "Education -- Higher education",
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    "creation": "2/21/1998",
    "contributor": "Department of Special Research Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library",
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    "extent": "2 pages, typescript",
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    "alternate_id": "CSUJAD Local ID: chi_74_01_001, CSUJAD Project ID: ucsb_chi_0168",
    "credit": "Frank Chin Papers, Special Research Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library, California State University, Santa Barbara",
    "status": "completed",
    "creators": [
            "namepart": "Kawamoto, Toshiko",
            "role": "author"
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