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    "title": "CSU Dominguez Hills Tsugitada Kanamori Collection",
    "description": "This collection contains one box of documents belonging to Tsugitada Kanamori. Materials in this collection mostly pertain to Kanamori's efforts regarding canceling his renunciation and reinstating his American citizenship. See complete finding aid at:",
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    "physloc": "Archives & Special Collections<br />University Library, #5039<br />California State University Dominguez Hills<br />1000 East Victoria Street<br />Carson, California 90747<br />Phone: (310) 243-3895<br />URL:",
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    "prefercite": "[Title of item], Tsugitada Kanamori Collection, Courtesy of the Department of Archives and Special Collections. University Library. California State University, Dominguez Hills",
    "bioghist": "Tsugitada Kanamori (1922-unknown) was born in Port Hueneme, California to Jinsuke and Michi Kanamori. In 1942, Tsugitada registered for the draft and was classified 4-C (enemy alien). He was living in Compton, California when he was evacuated to Poston Incarceration Camp in Parker, Arizona, before being sent to Tule Lake Incarceration Center in early 1944. While at Tule Lake, Kanamori married Kazuko Miyamoto in March 1944. In December 1944, Tsugitada and his wife applied for repatriation, influenced by his parents and in-laws who were fearful of being separated from each other and who also believed that because they were not natural born United States citizens that they, along with their children, would all be deported to Japan eventually- regardless of citizenship status. Tsugitada also thought that repatriation would be his best option due to the pressure he felt from within Tule Lake from Pro-Japanese groups, confusion regarding the loyalty questionnaire, and also due to his fear that being sent to another camp might cause his family to be met with more hostility. After being deported to Japan, Tsugitada worked in Yokohama, Japan, operating and maintaining ordnance vehicles and engineering equipment, and soon thereafter he began the process of getting his United States citizenship reinstated with the help from his attorney, Wayne M. Collins. On May 19, 1958, Tsugitada received notification that his renunciation had been cancelled, and his U.S. citizenship was reinstated.",
    "scopecontent": "The Tsugitada Kanamori Collection (1942-1958) contains one box of correspondence, memorandums, and other material regarding Kanamori’s life during and directly after World War II. The majority of the documents detail Kanamori’s efforts to cancel his renunciation and reinstate his American citizenship, including correspondence from his lawyer, Wayne M. Collins. Also included are documents regarding Kanamori’s health, letters of recommendations from employers, a letter regarding Kanamori’s employment in the Tule Lake Cooperative Enterprises at the Tule Lake Segregation Center, census registers, and Kanamori’s birth certificate. Some material is in Japanese. See complete finding aid at:",
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