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    "title": "Final order, judgement, and decree as to certain named plaintiffs who have submitted affidavits in lieu of oral testimony",
    "description": "According to these court proceedings the plaintiff by Charles Elmer Collett, Assistant United States Attorney, Attorneys for Defendants, Tsugitada Kanamori is to be hereinafter identified as a citizen of the United States of America. This document makes it clear that the purported renunciation of his citizenship is \"null, void, and without legal effect upon that status and rights as nationals and citizens of the United States.\" See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener noreferrer\">tsu_01_04_001</a>",
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    "record_created": "2018-08-17T09:17:05",
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    "status": "completed",
    "creation": "5/15/1958",
    "location": "San Francisco, California",
    "creators": [
            "namepart": "Collett, Charles Elmer",
            "role": "author"
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    "genre": "misc_document",
    "format": "doc",
    "extent": "2 pages, 13 x 8.5 inches, typescipt",
    "contributor": "CSU Dominguez Hills Department of Archives and Special Collections",
    "alternate_id": "CSUJAD Local ID: tsu_01_04_001, CSUJAD Project ID: csudh_tsu_0010",
    "credit": "[Title of item], Tsugitada Kanamori Collection, Courtesy of the Department of Archives and Special Collections. University Library. California State University, Dominguez Hills",
    "rights": "nocc",
    "rights_statement": "Permission to publish the image must be obtained from the CSUDH Archives as owner of the physical item and copyright. In instances when the copyright ownership is not clear it is the responsibility of the researcher to obtain copyright permission.",
    "topics": [
            "id": "340",
            "term": "Immigration and citizenship -- Law and legislation"
            "id": "44",
            "term": "Identity and values -- Nisei"
            "id": "87",
            "term": "World War II -- Resistance and dissidence -- Renunciation of citizenship"
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