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    "title": "CSU Dominguez Hills Tazu Kawamoto Photo Album",
    "description": "The Tazu Kawamoto Photo Album contains one album of mostly photographs compiled by Tazuko \"Tazu\" Kawamoto that document various people, events, and activities throughout 1939-1943. Included are photographs, flyers, invitations, and business cards relating to Tazu Kawamoto’s personal life, with a focus on events during the World’s Fair on San Francisco’s Treasure Island in 1939. This collection also has photographs most likely taken inside the Gila River incarceration camp in Arizona, including a photograph of dentists at the Rivers Community Hospital. See complete finding aid at:",
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    "unitdateinclusive": "1939-1943",
    "unitdatebulk": "1939-1943",
    "extent": "1 box 1 volume (80 pages)",
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    "contributor": "CSU Dominguez Hills Department of Archives and Special Collections",
    "physloc": "Archives & Special Collections<br />University Library, #5039<br />California State University Dominguez Hills<br />1000 East Victoria Street<br />Carson, California 90747<br />Phone: (310) 243-3895<br />URL:",
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    "prefercite": "[Title of item] Tazu Kawamoto Photo Album Collection, Courtesy of the Department of Archives and Special Collections. University Library. California State University, Dominguez Hills",
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