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    "title": "Portrait of Kondo family",
    "description": "Caption below photo:  Hajime \"Henry\" Kondo, his wife Eleanor, and two boys, Doug (at left) and Gary pose for well known photographer Toyo Miyatake.  The two boys were 12 years apart in age.  Originally from Alameda, CA.,the Kondos moved to the Los Angeles area when they returned from their World War II incarceration camp at Gila River, AZ.  Henry is the son of Umetaro and Takiye Kondo.  Takiye was a well know midwife in Alameda before she died unexpectedly while incarcerated in Gila River, Arizona during World War II. Photo circa 1950s, Los Angeles, CA.",
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    "creation": "c. 1950's",
    "location": "Los Angeles, California",
    "creators": [
            "namepart": "Toyo Miyatake",
            "role": "photographer"
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    "genre": "portrait",
    "format": "img",
    "extent": "Unknown",
    "contributor": "Alameda Japanese American History Project",
    "alternate_id": "1950s-Kondo-Hajime-family-in-Los-Angeles",
    "digitize_person": "Shirakawa, Brad",
    "digitize_organization": "Alameda Japanese American History Project",
    "digitize_date": "10/20/2022",
    "credit": "Alameda Japanese American History Project. Densho",
    "rights": "nocc",
    "persons": [
            "namepart": "Kondo, Hajime \"Henry\""
            "namepart": "Kondo, Eleanor"
            "namepart": "Kondo, Doug"
            "namepart": "Kondo, Gary"
    "search_hidden": "Toyo Miyatake photographer Kondo, Hajime \"Henry\" \nKondo, Eleanor \nKondo, Doug \nKondo, Gary",
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