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Zoo exhibit (ddr-densho-298-249)
av Zoo exhibit (ddr-densho-298-249)
Caption in album: "In August, 1948, the house on 2nd & [illegible] streets, Sacramento, had a joyful reunion. Fred and Joan Yamamoto arrived from St. Louis, Mo., for a short trip; Stan and Elaine drove from Minneapolis, Minn., and last but not least, Bill came from Cleveland via [illegible]. The occasion? A wedding! 1) 3 okole ...
A family swimming (ddr-densho-300-471)
img A family swimming (ddr-densho-300-471)
Caption in album: "Went swimming in American River, July 1952, Rattlesnake Bridge."
doc "Japanese Control the Vacaville Labor Situation" (ddr-densho-69-8)
Full headline: "Japanese Control the Vacaville Labor Situation. Building Trades Council Wants Japanese Excluded. Fruit Crop is Now in Danger. Coolie Workmen Threaten Strike That Will Bring Ruin to Orchardists of Valley Unless Terms Are Granted."
doc Editorial: "Japanese Cheap Labor" (ddr-densho-69-3)
Full headline: "Japanese Cheap Labor. It Is Not Needed Here and Should Not Be Admitted."