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J. Matsuoka Collection (ddr-densho-89)
Collection J. Matsuoka Collection (ddr-densho-89)
The J. Matsuoka collection consists of two cartoons drawn by artist Jack Matsuoka.
Cartoon (ddr-densho-89-2)
doc Cartoon (ddr-densho-89-2)
This cartoon by Jack Matsuoka originally appeared in his publication "Camp II, Block 211."
doc Cartoon: "Liberty and Justice For All?" (ddr-densho-89-1)
This cartoon by Jack Matsuoka originally appeared in his publication "Camp II, Block 211."
Jack Crawford on serve (ddr-njpa-1-109)
img Jack Crawford on serve (ddr-njpa-1-109)
Caption on reverse [translation]: February 7, 1934. Jack Crawford, Australian tennis player."
Testimony of Jack Greenberg (ddr-densho-67-322)
doc Testimony of Jack Greenberg (ddr-densho-67-322)
Written testimony of Jack Greenberg, Director-Counsel, NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc. This testimony was submitted for the CWRIC hearing in Washington, D.C., on July 14, 1981.

Narrator John "Jack" Herzig

White male. Served in the U.S. Army during World War II and worked with Japanese American interpreters during the U.S. occupation of Japan. Husband of Nisei Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga, and the couple was instrumental in helping to obtain redress and reparations for Japanese Americans in the 1980s. Mr. Herzig passed away in 2005.

Narrator Jack Dairiki

Kibei male. Born December 25, 1930 in Sacramento, California. Grew up in Sacramento where parents ran a hotel. In 1941, traveled to Japan with father to Japan, then could not return to the United States because of impending war. Was living in Hiroshima when the United States dropped the atomic bomb in 1945. Returned to the ...
Jack Crawford (ddr-njpa-1-107)
img Jack Crawford (ddr-njpa-1-107)
Caption on reverse [translation]: "Jack Crawford, Australian Davis Cup athlete, Australia No. 1. 1932 Central Pacific [illegible] Tennis Singles Champion."

Narrator M. Jack Takayanagi

Nisei male. Born June 28, 1922, in San Jose, California. As a teenager, moved with family to West Los Angeles, where father was a gardener. During World War II, removed to the Manzanar concentration camp, California. While in camp, Jack volunteered to work with the orphans at the Manzanar Children's Village, and also helped to ...

Narrator Jack Y. Kubota

Nisei male. Born in Pasadena, California. Grew up El Centro, California, where father was a truck farmer. During World War II, removed with family to the Poston (Colorado River) concentration camp, Arizona. After leaving camp, lived for a time in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and joined the navy. Graduated from college in San Diego and became an ...
img "Auburn High School Graduation 1939. Jack Natsuhara" (ddr-densho-201-305)
Portrait of a Japanese American schoolboy. Caption on front: "Auburn High School Graduation 1939. Jack Natsuhara."
Natsuhara & Sons warehouse (ddr-densho-18-10)
img Natsuhara & Sons warehouse (ddr-densho-18-10)
Jack Natsuhara in front of the Natsuhara & Sons warehouse, which was also used as a fertilizer mixing plant.

Narrator Jack Y. Kunitomi

Nisei male. Born October 10, 1915, in California. Married prior to mass removal, and was sent to the Manzanar concentration camp, California. Transferred to the Heart Mountain concentration camp, Wyoming, and worked on the camp newspaper. Drafted into the army and served with the Military Intelligence Service in the Philippines and occupied Japan.
Jack Warner wearing arriving in Hawai'i (ddr-njpa-1-2440)
img Jack Warner wearing arriving in Hawai'i (ddr-njpa-1-2440)
Caption on reverse: "Film producer visits: Jack L. Warner, outstanding motion picture producer of Hollywood (of Warner Bros.), arrived this morning on the Lurline for a brief vacation. Nippu Jiji photo."