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Scene at a redress event (ddr-densho-10-19)
img Scene at a redress event (ddr-densho-10-19)
Caption on banner: "Redress - Personal Justice Restored."
Japanese men and women (ddr-csujad-25-5)
img Japanese men and women (ddr-csujad-25-5)
A page from an album containing Japanese family photographs. Four photographs are pasted on the page. The photographs appear to be taken in Washington in the early 1900s. Include Japanese men in suits and women in western dress. Some of the photographs are possibly taken at the Washington Park Arboretum, Seattle, Washington. See this object in …

Narrator Art Hansen

White male. Born October 10, 1938, in Hoboken, New Jersey. Education History: BA, MA, Ph.D. at University of California, Santa Barbara. Work History: Professor of History and Asian American Studies, California State University, Fullerton (1966-Present); Visiting Professor, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, 1979-1980; Editor, Oral History Review, 1980-1987; President, Southwest Oral History Association (1991-1992); …
Participants waiting in their cars to caravan down to Puyallup (ddr-densho-384-6)
img Participants waiting in their cars to caravan down to Puyallup (ddr-densho-384-6)
The view from this photo is facing south toward Rainier Avenue. Day of Remembrance participants met at Rainier and McClellan, the former location of Sick's Stadium. After registering they caravanned down to the Washington State Fairgrounds in Puyallup.

Narrator Tatsukichi Moritani

Nisei male. Born October 24, 1916, in Bainbridge Island, Washington. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, was removed to Manzanar concentration camp, California. Left camp to work in Chicago before eventually returning to Bainbridge Island. Worked for the Washington State Ferries for forty years until retirement in 2005.
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 60, No. 12 (March 19, 1965) (ddr-pc-37-12)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 60, No. 12 (March 19, 1965) (ddr-pc-37-12)
Selected article titles: "Washington State Legislators Order Land Law Repeal for '66" (p.1), "Non-Japanese Who Contributed to Nisei Community Due Awards" (p.1), "California Seeks 5,100 Mexican Farm Workers" (p.1, 3), "Shame of Selma" (p.2).