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Bridal party group (ddr-densho-323-4)
img Bridal party group (ddr-densho-323-4)
A portrait of the bridal party in front of the altar at the wedding of Fred Shiosaki and Lily Nakai.
Newspaper clipping (ddr-densho-321-262)
doc Newspaper clipping (ddr-densho-321-262)
Article title: "Cheney Cops Central Valley Meet."
Central School Grade 4B class photo (ddr-densho-321-753)
img Central School Grade 4B class photo (ddr-densho-321-753)
Caption in album: "Moss 2nd row, 2nd student / 4B Miss Domrese / Central."
Two women (ddr-densho-321-1022)
img Two women (ddr-densho-321-1022)
Caption in album: "Wash. Pal Norma Johnson." Norma on the left.
A group on a lawn (ddr-densho-321-953)
img A group on a lawn (ddr-densho-321-953)
Caption in album: "'48 Washington / Mr. & Mrs. Osako, Mr. & Mrs. Fujii, Kay, & Mr. Taniguchi."
A group in front of a house (ddr-densho-321-952)
img A group in front of a house (ddr-densho-321-952)
Caption in album: "'48 Washington / Kei, Kay, Mr. & Mrs. Osako & Mr. Taniguchi."
Photograph album (ddr-densho-316-1)
doc Photograph album (ddr-densho-316-1)
A family photograph album documenting the Sakahara and Tanaka families' pre-World War II life on Vashon Island and other areas of Washington State. Dan Sakahara was a councilman, block leader, chairman of the red cross, treasurer of the PTA, and temporary chairman of the PTA at the Tule Lake Concentration Camp.  He was also president of ...