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Home with pool tables (ddr-densho-162-48)
img Home with pool tables (ddr-densho-162-48)
The home of Daishiro Sako was used as a social center for some 200 Japanese workers.
Mass removal (ddr-densho-162-51)
img Mass removal (ddr-densho-162-51)
These buses are en route to the Tanforan Assembly Center, California.
Imperial Hotel (ddr-densho-162-2)
img Imperial Hotel (ddr-densho-162-2)
The Imperial Hotel was operated by the Hatsuzo Murakami Family.
Soldier next to
img Soldier next to "2nd Plt." sign (ddr-densho-201-140)
Uniformed Japanese American soldier next to "2nd Plt." sign. Caption on reverse: "Yukio Ishimatsu, Utah."
Funeral service (ddr-densho-162-28)
img Funeral service (ddr-densho-162-28)
This funeral service was for Saburo Ichimura, who was killed in a robbery. His child, Utahko Ichimura, born in 1909, is believed to be the first Nisei born in Utah.
Jares Club (ddr-densho-162-1)
img Jares Club (ddr-densho-162-1)
The Jares Club was a YWCA group for young girls.
Topaz concentration camp, Utah (ddr-densho-37-833)
img Topaz concentration camp, Utah (ddr-densho-37-833)
Original WRA caption: Topaz, Utah. A typical barracks group with a section of the Topaz Relocation Center.