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Children wearing
img Children wearing "evacuation tags" (ddr-densho-151-54)
Original WRA caption: Hayward, California. Two children of the Mochida family who, with their parents, are awaiting evacuation bus. The youngster on the right holds a sandwich given her by one of a group of women who where present from a local Church. The family unit is kept intact during evacuation and at War Relocation Authority ...
Issei minister with white colleagues (ddr-densho-151-163)
img Issei minister with white colleagues (ddr-densho-151-163)
Original caption: Hayward, California. Members of clergy and Salvation Army bid farewell to evacuee minister, Reverend Sui Hiro, of the San Lorenzo Holiness Church, as he and his small son prepare to board evacuation bus. On his right is the Reverend John Charles Derfelt, Baptist minister, and on his left is the Reverend W. V. Immel, ...