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522nd Field Artillery Battalion soldier (ddr-densho-114-28)
img 522nd Field Artillery Battalion soldier (ddr-densho-114-28)
Original caption: A Japanese soldier of the 7th Army, Battery A, 522nd FA, 442nd Combat Team in France, fits base plate to a 105 mm. shell after propaganda pamphlets have been inserted. A small charge of powder in the projectile blows off base plate over enemy territory, allowing leaflets to drift to ground troops below.
Nisei soldiers (ddr-densho-37-337)
img Nisei soldiers (ddr-densho-37-337)
Original caption: A Japanese-American Combat Team moves through town. 11/23/44.
Nisei soldiers in France (ddr-densho-164-63)
img Nisei soldiers in France (ddr-densho-164-63)
Nisei soldier's caption: Headin' for Nice for chow. Nob, Okinaka, Anzio Anzai.
Two French women (ddr-densho-164-64)
img Two French women (ddr-densho-164-64)
Nisei soldier's caption: French gals Audet and Paulette. We always bought vegt. from them.
George S. Patton (ddr-njpa-1-1156)
img George S. Patton (ddr-njpa-1-1156)
Caption on the reverse: "Lieutenant General George S. Patton. Lieutenant General George S. Patton, Commander of the Third U.S. Army, watches operations somewhere in France."
Dwight D. Eisenhower leaving the officers' mess with Omar Bradley (ddr-njpa-1-229)
img Dwight D. Eisenhower leaving the officers' mess with Omar Bradley (ddr-njpa-1-229)
Caption on reverse: "Allied Commanders in France. General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Commander-in-Chief Allied Expeditionary Forces, leaves the officers' mess with Lieutenant General Omar N. Bradley following a visit to General Bradley's headquarters in France. General Bradley, previously Commanding General of the First U.S. Army, has been appointed Commander of the 12th U.S. Army ...