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Two Japanese American couples (ddr-densho-106-4)
img Two Japanese American couples (ddr-densho-106-4)
Back (L to R): Betty Morita Shibayama's grandfather, father. Front (L to R): grandmother, mother.
Portraits of elderly couple (ddr-densho-107-28)
img Portraits of elderly couple (ddr-densho-107-28)
Roy Matsumoto's maternal grandparents. When Roy went to Japan, his maternal grandfather had already passed away. Roy did not have the privilege of meeting him, but enjoyed living with his grandmother, Tomi, for several winters. Roy's maternal grandfather, Shinjiro Kimura, was a famous fencing instructor for Lord Asano of Hiroshima. As a samurai, he ...
Portrait of father and son (ddr-densho-113-3)
img Portrait of father and son (ddr-densho-113-3)
This photo shows Masajiro Uyeda and his son Yoichi. Masajiro immigrated from Japan to Vancouver, BC in 1900 and eventually made his way to Rock Springs, Wyoming where he worked as a coal miner. His other sons joined him in 1912. (L to R): Photographer, Masajiro Uyeda, Yoichi Uyeda.
Portrait of Japanese American nurse (ddr-densho-242-15)
img Portrait of Japanese American nurse (ddr-densho-242-15)
Caption by Ike Hatchimonji: "Sachi Komuro - probably 1939. Graduated from St. Luke's Hospital, San Francisco, CA. She was our aunt and step sister to Nobue. Went on as a career nurse in Honolulu, HI."
Unknown (ddr-densho-252-57)
img Unknown (ddr-densho-252-57)
Group portrait of women in kimono with shiji in the background.
Shikie Kihara and husband (ddr-densho-252-75)
img Shikie Kihara and husband (ddr-densho-252-75)
A man in a military uniform standing next to a seated woman in a kimono in front of a building. (Left to right) Unknown Shimazu and Shikie Kihara. Caption on Post-it: "Shikie Kihara w/husb., mar[ried] ? Shimazu. Her husband was 1st one to bomb Nanking."
Woman in kimono (ddr-densho-252-68)
img Woman in kimono (ddr-densho-252-68)
Caption on Post-it: "Toshiyuki Taniguchi's wife."
At an event (ddr-densho-252-9)
img At an event (ddr-densho-252-9)
(Left to right) Ferry Hiroko Taniguchi nee Okura, Fred Wataru Taniguchi.
Wedding photograph (ddr-densho-252-76)
img Wedding photograph (ddr-densho-252-76)
Possibly of Fred Wataru Taniguchi and Ferry Hiroko Okura?
The Tsubota family (ddr-densho-252-109)
img The Tsubota family (ddr-densho-252-109)
(Left to right) Minoru Tsubota, Cherry Chieko Tsubota nee Okura, Charlene Tsubota. Caption on Post-it: "Minoru Tsubota, Cherry Chieko Okura Tsubota, Charlene Tsubota."
Three women in kimono (ddr-densho-252-29)
img Three women in kimono (ddr-densho-252-29)
Three women dressed in kimono, standing with a small child. (Clockwise, from left) Kazu Taketani Taniguchi, unknown Yamamura nee Taniguchi, Toru Yamamura, Shizu Tanizaki nee Taniguchi. Caption on Post-it: "Kazu Taketani T., Renzo's sister Shizu (Dad's Grandma) - her dau. Mar. Yamamura; baby = Toru Yamamura (1st son)."
Family portrait (ddr-densho-252-37)
img Family portrait (ddr-densho-252-37)
(Clockwise, from left) Tadashi Taniguchi, Shizuka Taniguchi, Chioko Taniguchi. Caption on Post-it: "Taniguchis. Uncle Tadashi & Shizuka & Chioko."
Woman (ddr-densho-252-12)
img Woman (ddr-densho-252-12)
Unknown woman in front of a house or building.
Yoshiko Tsubota Tsujihara (ddr-densho-252-35)
img Yoshiko Tsubota Tsujihara (ddr-densho-252-35)
A young woman in a kimono. Caption on Post-it: "Yoshiko Tsubota Tsujihara (Kibei)."
Children (ddr-densho-252-36)
img Children (ddr-densho-252-36)
A young man and a boy standing in front of a building and a few trees. Caption on Post-it: "Maid's brother's kids. Maid worked for Taniguchis. Now 2 doctors (2001)."
Grace (ddr-densho-258-27)
img Grace (ddr-densho-258-27)
A young girl sitting in a chair, wearing a kimono. Caption below: "Grace, Aug 8, 1940."
William Hardy and Shigemitsu Mamoru (ddr-densho-259-326)
img William Hardy and Shigemitsu Mamoru (ddr-densho-259-326)
Caption by Homer Yasui: "This sailor must have been William Hardy, who was a cabin boy aboard one of Commodore Matthew C. Perry's ships which were used to force an entrance to Japan in 1853 Corky Kawasaki translated the Japanese writing, which from left to right is: Yasui, Masuo Dono [Mister or Esquire]...It was ...
Family portrait in Japanese garden (ddr-densho-259-134)
img Family portrait in Japanese garden (ddr-densho-259-134)
Caption by Homer Yasui: "Part of the Miyake family in Japan, before [Shidzuyo] left to start teaching school. Pictured are Grandma Hisa Fujii Miyake, Grandpa Ichiro Miyake, Great Grandma Tsuno Sato Miyake, Uncle Saburo and Mom [Shidzuyo]. There's a little girl in this picture, but she's unidentified."