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University student (ddr-densho-104-8)
img University student (ddr-densho-104-8)
Akiko Kurose at Friends University in Kansas.
Japanese Americans in front of barrack (ddr-densho-106-8)
img Japanese Americans in front of barrack (ddr-densho-106-8)
Near family barracks. (L to R): Father Mototsugu, Paul, Grandfather, Claude, Mr. Hachiya, Junior.
Chicago All-Club Reunion (ddr-densho-106-12)
img Chicago All-Club Reunion (ddr-densho-106-12)
This reunion consists of former grads of Wells High School.
Nisei serviceman's wife (ddr-densho-105-15)
img Nisei serviceman's wife (ddr-densho-105-15)
Minoru "Min" Tsubota's fiance, Cherrie Okura, at age 19. They were married March 31, 1943, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
Nisei couple at a memorial (ddr-densho-105-18)
img Nisei couple at a memorial (ddr-densho-105-18)
Minoru "Min" Tsubota and wife Cherrie at the dedication of the National Japanese American Memorial in Washington, D.C. The sculpture is called "The Barbed Wire Cranes" by Nina Akamu.
Nisei military police officer (ddr-densho-107-35)
img Nisei military police officer (ddr-densho-107-35)
Msgt. Roy Matsumoto, when assigned to GHQ Allied Occupation Forces from 701st Military Police in Shanghai, China.
Child with a broken leg (ddr-densho-107-13)
img Child with a broken leg (ddr-densho-107-13)
A family horse named "Joe" kicked Roy Matsumoto's left shin while following the horse while it was led by Uncle Frank, who was repairing an irrigation canal on the farm property.
Family photo (ddr-densho-107-26)
img Family photo (ddr-densho-107-26)
Left to right: Wakaji Matsumoto (Roy Matsumoto's father), Shizue (younger sister), Tei (mother), Harue (older sister), Isao (younger brother), and Takeshi. (younger brother).
Three siblings (ddr-densho-107-7)
img Three siblings (ddr-densho-107-7)
Left to right: Second son, Tak (Takeshi), third son, Tom (Tsutomu), and first son, Roy (Hiroshi).
Family on an outing (ddr-densho-107-11)
img Family on an outing (ddr-densho-107-11)
Visit to Hollywood Mountain. Left to right: Uncle Frank Matsumoto, Noboru (fourth son), Tsutomu (third son), Takeshi (second son), and Roy (eldest son). Tei Matsumoto, mother of all the children, standing behind children.
High school study tour (ddr-densho-107-22)
img High school study tour (ddr-densho-107-22)
Shudo High School study tour. Front row (L to R): Roy Matsumoto, Atsuyoshi Sakato, Jiro Shimomura. Center row (L to R): Isao Namba. Back row (L to R): Shigeo Kojima, Yoshinori Kajimoto, and Hiroshi Sakamoto.
Nisei soldier being interviewed (ddr-densho-107-33)
img Nisei soldier being interviewed (ddr-densho-107-33)
S/Sgt. Roy Matsumoto interviewed by British playwright and author Noel Coward. Roy was recovering from an infection from a shrapnel wound on his left wrist, and was questioned about his exploits at Walawbum and Nhpum Ga in the jungles of Burma.
Family photograph (ddr-densho-107-6)
img Family photograph (ddr-densho-107-6)
Front row (L to R): Roy, Takeshi. Middle row (L to R): Frank Matsumoto (Roy's uncle), Aunty Kitahara (Grandfather's cousin) on her lap, Tsutomu (Tom), Mrs. Muranaka. Back row (L to R): Tei Matsumoto (Roy's mother), Yasaku Muranaka (Roy's Grandfather's half brother).