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Article from The Jerusalem Post (ddr-densho-22-10)
doc Article from The Jerusalem Post (ddr-densho-22-10)
Article published in the Jerusalem Post. In 1992, a reunion was held in Jerusalem, Israel which brought together soldiers from the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion and the people they liberated from Dachau concentration camp. There are a few errors in this article. First, the correct designation is the 522nd, not the 526th, Field Artillery Battalion, Second ...
The Prince's playmate (ddr-densho-252-19)
doc The Prince's playmate (ddr-densho-252-19)
Caption on Post-it: "Prince Akihito; Yasamaru T. (Renzo's son) was chosen as Prince's playmate."
Newspaper article:
doc Newspaper article: "See Some 'Give' by Merriam on THAT Word" (ddr-densho-274-38)
New York Nichibei article on the attempt to stop G & C Merriam Company from using the word "Jap" in dictionaries. Part of a broader campaign, spearheaded by Shosuke Sasaki, against the use of the word "Jap" in print media.
doc "Whims Scores C.S.P.A. Honor" (ddr-densho-280-53)
"Broadway Whims" article on the C.S.P.A. award the Broadway High School student newspaper won from Columbia University.
doc Assorted "Broadway Whims" articles (ddr-densho-280-82)
Joe Hamanaka wrote articles on both sides of this "Broadway Whims" edition. "Dedicated To Best Mother, Your 'Mon'" about Mother's Day and "1913 Grad Skyrockets To President Of Boeing's" about a Broadway High alum who went on to greatness at Boeing.
doc "Old Grad Chosen Press Club Prexy" (ddr-densho-280-97)
"Broadway Whims" article about Broadway alum who was elected Whitman College's Press club president.
doc "Whims Get High Award" (ddr-densho-280-70)
"Broadway Whims" article on being judged the best high school newspaper in Seattle by the National Scholastic Press Association.
doc "Rogers Calls For Aspiring Young Yell Team Enthusiasts" (ddr-densho-280-76)
"Broadway Whims" article advertises available positions on the Broadway High yell team.
doc "Bengal Shots Barely Drive Off Invaders" (ddr-densho-280-65)
"Broadway Whims" article on the slim defeat of West Seattle's basketball team by the Broadway Bengals.
doc "Bengals Make Expedition To Salmon Bay This P.M." (ddr-densho-280-57)
"Broadway Whims" article on upcoming baseball game between Broadway Bengals and Salmon Bay Shingleweavers.
doc "Eagles Make Journey Here Tuesday P.M." (ddr-densho-280-92)
"Broadway Whims" article on upcoming baseball game between Broadway Bengals and Cleveland Eagles.
doc "Charity Classic Helps Luckless" (ddr-densho-280-100)
"Broadway Whims" article about a fall charity football game.
doc "Swanson, Hamanaka Win Coveted Whims' Award" (ddr-densho-280-106)
"Broadway Whims" article congratulating Joe Hamanaka and Maria Swanson for winning the most inspirational journalist award.
doc "Smooth Pups Outpace Cat Cagers 37-24" (ddr-densho-280-88)
"Broadway Whims" article on the Broadway Bengals basketball team's loss to Garfield High.
doc "Rain, Johnny Corallo Help Hilltops In 4-1 Upset Over Benals" (ddr-densho-280-91)
"Broadway Whims" article on Broadway Bengals baseball team's loss to Hilltop High.
doc "Study Attendants Make $47 At Play Candy Sale" (ddr-densho-280-104)
"Broadway Whims" article on funds raised by candy sales at recent Broadway High play.
doc "Underclassmen Receive Praise" (ddr-densho-280-74)
"Broadway Whims" article praising Broadway High underclassmen for timeliness and general good behavior.
Broadway High vs. Snohomish High pep ralley article (ddr-densho-280-55)
doc Broadway High vs. Snohomish High pep ralley article (ddr-densho-280-55)
"Broadway Whims" article on how George Umemura led Broadway High students in cheers at an away game at Snohomish High.
Newspaper clippings from scrapbook page (ddr-densho-35-337)
doc Newspaper clippings from scrapbook page (ddr-densho-35-337)
Three articles on citizenship, one of which is titled "'Dual Citizenship' Target of Hood River Legion.'" Newspapers unknown.
Newspaper clippings from scrapbook page (ddr-densho-35-333)
doc Newspaper clippings from scrapbook page (ddr-densho-35-333)
Various articles from the Pacific Citizen and the Oregon Journal, one of which is titled "Work of Nisei Paramount in Defense."
Chicago Defender article:
doc Chicago Defender article: "Second Thoughts: Racism in All Directions" (ddr-densho-35-141)
Editorial by S.I. Hayakawa. Other subheadings: "Japanese Girl Among Negroes" and "She Had It Too."