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The staff of the Minidoka Irrigator (ddr-densho-10-2)
img The staff of the Minidoka Irrigator (ddr-densho-10-2)
The staff of the Minidoka Irrigator, the newspaper of the Minidoka concentration camp, is shown in the paper's office. Far right (left to right): Takako Matsumoto (left) and Elsie Sata. Front (left to right): unidentified, Kimi Tambara, Cherry Tanaka, John Kanda, Miyuki Inouye, and Sachi Yasui. Back: Mitsuko Miyoshi, Harry Nakata, Watson Asaba, unidentified, unidentified ...
Sweetheart Beauty Pageant winners (ddr-densho-10-5)
img Sweetheart Beauty Pageant winners (ddr-densho-10-5)
Finalists in the Minidoka concentration camp Sweetheart Beauty Pageant surround the winner. Left to right: Barbara Kurimura, Pauline Tamiyasu, Chizuko Hayashi, Kimi Takatsuka, Noble Kodama, Pearl Hirata, and Fumi Kinoshita. The Sweetheart Beauty Pageant began in the winter of 1943. The contest was designed to lighten the mood of the camp. Each block, or camp division ...
Seattle Evacuation Redress Committee (ddr-densho-10-12)
img Seattle Evacuation Redress Committee (ddr-densho-10-12)
The Seattle Evacuation Redress Committee was formed in 1973. The original committee members were photographed during a video session on the redress movement. Left to right: Shosuke Sasaki, Henry Miyatake, Chuck Kato, Mike Nakata, and Ken Nakano.
Group in front of the Japanese American Courier offices (ddr-densho-101-1)
img Group in front of the Japanese American Courier offices (ddr-densho-101-1)
(L to R): Yone Bartholomew, Clarence Arai, unidentified, Misao Sakamoto holding daughter Marie, Jimmie Sakamoto, Slocum Nishimura (Tokie Slocum) in front of the offices of the Japanese American Courier.
Family friend (ddr-densho-106-7)
img Family friend (ddr-densho-106-7)
Betty Morita Shibayama's friend Nancy O'Dell from Hood River, Oregon. Photo sent to Betty in Tule Lake concentration camp.
Family outside their home (ddr-densho-106-6)
img Family outside their home (ddr-densho-106-6)
At Morita house in Odell. Grandfather, Flora, Betty, Claude, Tim Nishimoto (neighbor), Junior.
Japanese Americans in front of a house (ddr-densho-106-5)
img Japanese Americans in front of a house (ddr-densho-106-5)
Back (L to R): Mr. Junkichi Hachiya, Grandfather Kashichi, Paul, Father, Claude. Front (L to R): Junior, Betty Morita Shibayama, Mother, Ruth, Flora.
Nisei soldier's Purple Heart (ddr-densho-105-20)
img Nisei soldier's Purple Heart (ddr-densho-105-20)
Purple Heart awarded Minoru Tsubota, Warrant Officer (Junior Grade), 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Combat wounded in Cerebia, Italy, Aug. 24, 1944.
Children en route to Japan (ddr-densho-107-20)
img Children en route to Japan (ddr-densho-107-20)
Takeshi and Roy Matsumoto are aboard the Nippon Yusen, Brazil Maru.
Torii gate (ddr-densho-107-40)
img Torii gate (ddr-densho-107-40)
Looking across Ohno Channel toward Jigozen where Roy Matsumoto's grandfather was born, from Miyajima Island near Itsukushima Shrine. This torii (ceremonial gate) has stood on this site for over 600 years and has been rebuilt many times. The name "jigozen" means "in front of the shrine." The town is located about 10 miles from the ...
Children wearing Japanese clothing (ddr-densho-107-21)
img Children wearing Japanese clothing (ddr-densho-107-21)
This is the first time Roy and Takeshi Matsumoto are wearing Japanese clothing after moving to Japan.
Legion of Merit presentation (ddr-densho-107-32)
img Legion of Merit presentation (ddr-densho-107-32)
General Frank D. Merrill, Commanding General of the Merrill's Marauders, congratulating S/Sgt Roy Matsumoto upon the presentation of the Legion of Merit for his exploits at Walawbum, Burma on 5 March, 1944.
Children sitting around a table (ddr-densho-107-16)
img Children sitting around a table (ddr-densho-107-16)
Front row (L to R): Tsutomu, Takeshi, Hiroshi Tawa, Roy Matsumoto. Back row (L to R): Noboru, Haruko Tawa, Tsuneo Tawa, Violet and Setsuko Tawa.
Japanese Americans driving a team of horses (ddr-densho-107-3)
img Japanese Americans driving a team of horses (ddr-densho-107-3)
Left to right: Mr. Zaimoku, Roy Matsumoto, Takeshi Matsumoto and Mrs. Zaimoku. Mr. Zaimoku came from the same village as Roy's grandfather Wakamatsu Matsumoto in Hiroshima, Japan.
Uncle and nephew making a snowman (ddr-densho-107-10)
img Uncle and nephew making a snowman (ddr-densho-107-10)
Roy Matsumoto (standing) making a snowman with Uncle Frank Matsumoto. Snow was a rare occasion in southern California.
Family harvesting onions (ddr-densho-107-5)
img Family harvesting onions (ddr-densho-107-5)
Left to right: Heisaku Nakatani (farm hand who came to the U.S. from the same village as Roy's grandfather, Wakamatsu Matsumoto, in Hiroshima, Japan), Roy, Takeshi, and Roy's mother, Tei Matsumoto.
Tule Lake pilgrimage (ddr-densho-11-2)
img Tule Lake pilgrimage (ddr-densho-11-2)
Pilgrimage attendees barracks located on the property of a local farmer. Castle Rock is in the background.
Memorial plaque (ddr-densho-11-11)
img Memorial plaque (ddr-densho-11-11)
This plaque was placed at the base of the cross on Castle Rock on October 2, 1982. The plaque honors Christian ministers who served the inmates at the Tule Lake concentration camp.
Nisei soldier (ddr-densho-109-16)
img Nisei soldier (ddr-densho-109-16)
This soldier, Herbert Megumi Fukui, was killed in action during World War II. He earned a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.