Sue K. Embrey

Nisei female. Born January 6, 1923, in Los Angeles, California. During World War II, incarcerated at Manzanar concentration camp. Wrote for Manzanar Free Press while incarcerated. Resettled during World War II in Madison, Wisconsin, and Chicago, Illinois. Returned to Los Angeles, California, in 1948. Founding member of Nisei Progressives and the Manzanar Committee. Ms. Embrey passed away on May 15, 2006.


Sue K. Embrey Interview — ddr-densho-1000-6
September 11, 1997. University of CA, Los Angeles.
00:57:30 — 13 segments.
An oral history with Sue Kunitomi Embrey — ddr-csujad-29-64
11/21/1995. Los Angeles, California; Manzanar, California.
2:12:31 — 1 segments.
Sue K. Embrey