Celeste Teodor

Nisei female. Born June 24, 1936, in Los Angeles, California. Placed for adoption and was living in an orphanage when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941. Transferred to Manzanar's Childrens Village during World War II. After the war, lived with various foster families in Los Angeles before becoming independent at age eighteen.


An oral history with Celeste Teodor — ddr-csujad-30-19
8/9/2007. Claremont, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Manzanar, California.
1:10:53 — 2 segments.
Celeste Teodor Interview — ddr-manz-1-78
August 12, 2009. Las Vegas, Nevada.
01:54:55 — 23 segments.
Celeste Teodor