Kiyo Nikaido Morimoto

Nisei female. Born November 30, 1919, in Walnut Grove, California. Paternal grandparents immigrated to the United States with father. Grew up in the Madera, California, area, and was married with a child by the time World War II broke out in 1941. During the war, removed to the Fresno Assembly Center, California, and the Jerome concentration camp, Arkansas. When Jerome closed, transferred to the Granada (Amache) concentration camp, Colorado. After the war, returned to Sacramento, starting a floral business and teaching ikebana, Japanese flower arranging.


Kiyo Nikaido Morimoto Interview — ddr-densho-1010-4
December 9, 2009. Sacramento, California.
01:39:25 — 24 segments.
Kiyo Nikaido Morimoto