Pacific Citizen Holiday Issue, Vol. 113, No. 20 [December 20-27, 1991]

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The Pacific Citizen
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Pacific Citizen 1991 Collection

Select article titles: "Mike in memory" (p. A8), "Pearl watch" (p. A20), "1991 the Year in Review" (p. A21), "Fujimori After one year" (p. B4), "What Pearl Harbor brought to the Nikkei of Hawaii" (p. B18), "Lifeblood: Program hopes to help Asian Americans stricken with fatal blood diseases" (p. A33).

The holiday issue included advertisements bought by JACL members and chapters that included personal addresses and phone numbers to better foster communications between Japanese American communities. These addresses and phone numbers have been redacted to help protect the privacy of Japanese American communities. Please contact Densho to request the original version.

December 20-27, 1991



Pacific Citizen

Courtesy of the Pacific Citizen