Pacific Citizen, Whole No. 2,238, Vol. 96, No. 18 (May 13, 1983)

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The Pacific Citizen
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Pacific Citizen 1983 Collection

Selected article titles: "Monument to Salinas camp wins approval for erection" (p. 1), "FBI investigates Chin case" (p. 1), "Alameda County Nikkei seeking redress for fired JA workers" (p. 1), "Central Calif. Nikkei helping Laotian refugees in many ways" (p. 3), "Quality, not quantity is the key, says Japan to the U.S." (p. 5), "Male Chauvinism: A Few Examples" (p. 6), "History's Valuable, But What About the Future?" (p. 7).

May 13, 1983



Pacific Citizen

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