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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 48, No. 23 (June 5, 1959)

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The Pacific Citizen
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Pacific Citizen 1959 Collection

Selected article titles: "Oregon governor names JACLer to state agricultural board" (p. 1), "Toronto editorial asks Canadian gov't to apologize for its Japanese evacuation" (p. 1), "Control of Seabrook farms transferred" (p. 1), "2,600 U.S. Issei naturalized in 1958 fiscal year" (p. 1), "Editorial samplings of nation's press supports Justice Dept. view on evacuation; one columnist terms it 'bootlicking'" (p. 3), "California Nisei resettling in Idaho Falls goes for old fashioned American red barns" (p. 4), "Housing bias strong in British Columbia against Japanese" (p. 8).

June 5, 1959



  • Taira, Kikuo H.
  • Hanayama, Shinsho
  • Dohi, Abraham H.
  • Ishii, Stanley
  • Mizuha, Jack M.
  • Miyamura, Hiroshi
  • Kuida, Hiroshi
  • Kariya, Beverly
  • Honda, Harry K.
  • Takata, Fred
  • Nakashima, John
  • Yamashita, Dorcas
  • Hosokawa, Bill
  • Suzuki, Henry
  • Matsukane, Melvin
  • Okamura, Cathy
  • Honbo, Wesley
  • Izumi, Anne
  • Fujimoto, Christine
  • Kasai, Alice
  • Saroyan, Ralph
  • Chuman, Frank F.
  • Gordon, Harold
  • Shiroma, Edward
  • Hanada, Mas
  • Ono, Richard
  • Sakamoto, Shig
  • Kashiwagi, Brian
  • Hayashi, William
  • Nakahara, Keiko Sato, Wilbur I.
  • Ura, Elaine
  • Kadomoto, Tom
  • Kuritani, Elain
  • Masaoka, Mike
  • Numata, Richard


Courtesy of the Pacific Citizen