Kenjiro and Miyuki “Kay” Kida Family Collection

Oregon Nikkei Endowment
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This collection consists of personal correspondence, legal documents, photographic prints, news clippings, and other materials related to a Japanese American family from White Salmon, Washington. These historical records trace a journey that included hurdles of federal and state laws, war and incarceration, exile and resettlement. Significantly, the collection includes firsthand accounts of the Portland Assembly Center and daily life at a Japanese American farm labor camp located outside of Nyssa, OR, while working in the sugar beet fields of Eastern Oregon.



150 personal correspondences, legal documents, photographic prints, news clippings, and other historical records; 0.5 linear feet.

Oregon Nikkei Endowment; Portland, Oregon

Courtesy of Kenjiro and Miyuki “Kay” Kida Family Collection, Oregon Nikkei Endowment

131 Objects

doc Envelope from George Kida to Mr and Mrs Jim Wood (ddr-one-3-1)
Envelope addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wood of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, from George Kida in Nyssa, Oregon.
doc Christmas card (ddr-one-3-2)
Christmas card and envelope from Vickie Waldron and Victoria McCoy. Addressed to Aunt Sarah "Sade" Pyatt.
doc Christmas card (ddr-one-3-3)
Christmas card from Bertha Wylder.
doc Christmas card (ddr-one-3-4)
Unaddressed Christmas card and envelope.
doc Christmas card (ddr-one-3-5)
Christmas card and envelope addressed to "Keda" (Kenjiro Kida). Unsigned.
doc Christmas card (ddr-one-3-6)
Christmas card and envelope addressed to Miyuki "Kay" Kida. Unsigned.
doc Special Purpose Application for Sugar Purchase Certificate (ddr-one-3-7)
Application for a Sugar Purchase Certificate allowing the recipient to receive a quantity of sugar. Used for sugar rationing.
doc Mid-Columbia Bulletin Vol. VI (ddr-one-3-8)
Mid-Columbia Bulletin newsletter. Vol. VI, April 22, 1942. Written by the J.A.C.L. (Japanese American Citizens League). Covers preparations for the incarceration of the Japanese American community, including packing, property sales, personal documents (e.g. wills, letters of recommendations, etc.), financial concerns, and other information regarding the evacuation order. Includes a description about what ...
doc Mid-Columbia Bulletin Vol. VII (ddr-one-3-9)
Mid-Columbia Bulletin newsletter. Vol. VII, April 30, 1942. First page in English, gives information about what the Assembly Centers are like and what items may be brought to the Center. Mentions the sale of rice and a typhoid inoculation clinic. The remaining 5 pages are in Japanese.
doc Application for Exemption from Military Evacuation (ddr-one-3-10)
Four copies of an application for exemption from military evacuation for use by Japanese, German, and Italian nationals, as well as US citizens of Japanese ancestry.

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