Portland Rose Festival Parade- float 29 "Sears"

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Oregon Nikkei Endowment
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ddr-one-1-532 (ONLC 3357)

Frank C. Hirahara Collection

Color slide of Rose Festival Parade float 29 driving down W Burnside in front of a crowd outside the Blue Eagle Café on the corner of NW Second Ave. The float has a carriage made of white flowers with a red trim and purple wheels. The carriage is pulled by a horse made of white flowers. A man in a white uniform waves to the crowd. The side of the carriage reads "Milk." The front of float reads "Sears" with a small yellow sign above that has the number 29. The side of the float reads "you remember." The Portland Rose Festival Parade is an annual event in which floats are made out of flowers and paraded down the streets of Portland. According to donor processed on June 14, 1964.



Still Image

Oregon Nikkei Endowment; Portland, Oregon

Courtesy of Frank C. Hirahara Collection, Oregon Nikkei Endowment