The christening of Honolulu fireboat "Abner T. Longley"

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ddr-njpa-2-619 (GH365.001a)

Nippu Jiji Photograph Archive, "Gaijin Hawai'i" Collection

Caption on reverse: "JUST BEFORE THE CHRISTENING: Mrs. Abner T. Longley (right), holding a traditional bottle of champagne, was pictured as she was about to smash the bottle against the bow of the fireboat Abner T. Longley in a christening ceremony at Pier 10 yesterday afternoon. The fireboat, turned over to the fire department by the board of harbor commissioners, was named in honor of Mr. Longley who was a member of the harbor board for 15 years before his death in 1949. Pictured, left to right: Mrs. S. P. McCurdy, Mrs. J. C. Parker and Mrs. Longley. The first two are Mrs. Longley's daughters. The children, Michael (left) and Tommy, belong to Mrs. McCurdy.--(Hawaii Times photo by George Miyachi)."

c. 1950s


Still Image

  • McCurdy, Michael
  • McCurdy, Tommy
  • McCurdy, S. P., Mrs.
  • Parker, J. C., Mrs.
  • Longley, Abner T., Mrs.

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