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Manzanar National Historic Site Collection

Manzanar National Historic Site
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The Manzanar National Historic Site Collection contains interviews conducted by the Manzanar Oral History Project. These interviews document the experiences of Japanese Americans who were incarcerated at Manzanar and other facilities during World War II, and are preserved at the Manzanar National Historic Site Archives. The Manzanar National Historic Site, administered by the National Park Service, was established to preserve the stories of the internment of nearly 120,000 Japanese Americans during World War II and to serve as a reminder to this and future generations of the fragility of American civil liberties. For more information, please visit:

160 oral history interviews

Manzanar National Historic Site

Courtesy of the Manzanar National Historic Site Collection

160 Objects

Dennis Bambauer Interview I (ddr-manz-1-1)
vh Dennis Bambauer Interview I (ddr-manz-1-1)
Male of Japanese and French-Irish descent. Born October 1, 1934, in Los Angeles, California. As a child, resided in the Children's Home Society Orphanage in Los Angeles. During World War II, was transferred to Manzanar concentration camp's "Children's Village" for orphans. Was adopted out of camp by a family from Bishop, California. Eventually became a teacher.
Sue Kunitomi Embrey Interview (ddr-manz-1-2)
vh Sue Kunitomi Embrey Interview (ddr-manz-1-2)
Nisei female. Born January 6, 1923, in Los Angeles, California. During World War II, incarcerated at Manzanar concentration camp. Wrote for Manzanar Free Press while incarcerated. Resettled during World War II in Madison, Wisconsin, and Chicago, Illinois. Returned to Los Angeles, California, in 1948. Founding member of Nisei Progressives and the Manzanar Committee. Ms. Embrey passed …
Henry Fukuhara Interview I (ddr-manz-1-3)
vh Henry Fukuhara Interview I (ddr-manz-1-3)
Nisei male. Born April 25, 1913, in Los Angeles, California. Grew up in California prior to World War II. Removed to Manzanar concentration camp, California, during the war. Left Manzanar in 1943 and lived in various locations, eventually settling in New York and California. Mr. Fukuhara was a prominent artist.
George Izumi Interview (ddr-manz-1-4)
vh George Izumi Interview (ddr-manz-1-4)
Nisei male. Born 1920 and raised in California. Removed to Manzanar concentration camp, California, following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. After World War II, attending baking school and became a professional baker.
Frank Isamu Kikuchi Interview (ddr-manz-1-5)
vh Frank Isamu Kikuchi Interview (ddr-manz-1-5)
Nisei male. Born 1925, and during childhood lived in various places in the Midwest, Seattle, Washington, and Los Angeles, California. Was a high school student when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Removed to the Manzanar concentration camp, California, and after camp returned to Los Angeles.
Mary Nomura Interview (ddr-manz-1-7)
vh Mary Nomura Interview (ddr-manz-1-7)
Manzanar concentration camp, California, and attended school in camp. Known as the "Songbird of Manzanar," sang at functions and social events. Met future husband in Manzanar, and married after leaving camp. Resettled in California.
Bo T. Sakaguchi Interview (ddr-manz-1-8)
vh Bo T. Sakaguchi Interview (ddr-manz-1-8)
Nisei male. Born 1925 and raised in North Hollywood, California. Removed to Manzanar concentration camp, California, following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Attended high school in camp, then left in 1945 to attend college. Drafted into the army, then lived and worked in various locations after World War II.
Martha Shoaf Interview (ddr-manz-1-9)
vh Martha Shoaf Interview (ddr-manz-1-9)
White female. Born June 28, 1919, in Los Angeles, California. Fourth grade teacher at Manzanar concentration camp, California.
Hikoji Takeuchi Interview I (ddr-manz-1-10)
vh Hikoji Takeuchi Interview I (ddr-manz-1-10)
Nisei male. Born December 18, 1921, in Los Angeles, California. Parents owned and operated a restaurant. Father passed away prior to the onset of World War II, so mother was responsible for preparing the family to move to camp. Removed to Manzanar concentration camp, California, and in 1942, was shot by a military police officer while …
Jane Wehrey Interview (ddr-manz-1-12)
vh Jane Wehrey Interview (ddr-manz-1-12)
White female. Born and raised in Lone Pine, California, a town near where Manazanar concentration camp was established.

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