Family portrait of Issei and Nisei

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Yasui Family Collection

Caption by Homer Yasui: "Portrait of the Yasui family of Mosier, showing father, mother, two young girls and a young boy. The bigger girl is Kazuko and the other one is Shizue. The boy is Takaaki 'Frank.' Our families are not related, although Tokujiro and his wife Masashi--and in fact, all of the Yasuis that I've ever heard about in the United States--came from the Okayama prefecture, without exception."


Still Image

  • Yasui, Kazuko
  • Yasui, Shizue
  • Yasui, Takaaki Frank
  • Yasui, Tokujiro
  • Yasui, Masashi


Courtesy of the Yasui Family Collection

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Copyright restricted