Ichikawa Family Collection



The Ichikawa Family Collection contains a photograph album with approximately 200 pictures of the Ichikawa family and their communities in Oregon (c.1935-1942) and Anderson Dam, ID (1945-c.1960).



1 photograph album with photographic prints, black and white


Courtesy of the Ichikawa Family Collection

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Copyright restricted

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Photo album (ddr-densho-258-1)
img Photo album (ddr-densho-258-1)
A family photo album showing life in Troutdale, Oregon before World War II, construction of the Anderson Ranch Dam in Elmore, Idaho during World War II, and life after World War II.
Tony [?] (ddr-densho-258-2)
img Tony [?] (ddr-densho-258-2)
A man leaning against an automobile, while another man sits inside the passenger compartment.
Howard and Grace (ddr-densho-258-3)
img Howard and Grace (ddr-densho-258-3)
Two children sitting outside. Caption below: "Howard and Grace, 1940."
Picnic with Takedas (ddr-densho-258-4)
img Picnic with Takedas (ddr-densho-258-4)
Family sitting outside. Caption above and on photo: "Picnic with Takedas, Mom, Jo, Ernie."
Grace (ddr-densho-258-5)
img Grace (ddr-densho-258-5)
Portrait of a woman and a young girl. Caption below: "Grace."
The fliver [sic] (ddr-densho-258-6)
img The fliver [sic] (ddr-densho-258-6)
An automobile parked near a structure. Caption below: "The fliver."
The Mr (ddr-densho-258-7)
img The Mr (ddr-densho-258-7)
A man sitting on the running board of an automobile. Caption below: "The Mr."
The Mrs (ddr-densho-258-8)
img The Mrs (ddr-densho-258-8)
A woman sitting in the driver's seat of an automobile, posed in the window. Caption below: "The Mrs."
Toyooka Farm (ddr-densho-258-13)
img Toyooka Farm (ddr-densho-258-13)
A view of the fields at Toyooka Farm with a large tree in the background. Caption below: "Toyooka farm."

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