Funeral service for an Issei man

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Y. Tazuma Collection

Funeral service for Bunshiro Tazuma who died on 3/29/88 at 104 years old. Sons & spouses (L to R): Frances (59 yrs), Jim (62 yrs), Miyoka (58 yrs), Nobi (67 yrs), Elmer (72 yrs), Masako (62 yrs), Yukio (59 yrs), Kimi (50 yrs).



Still Image

  • Tazuma, Bunshiro
  • Tazuma, Frances
  • Tazuma, Jim
  • Tazuma, Miyoka
  • Tazuma, Nobi
  • Tazuma, Elmer
  • Tazuma, Masako
  • Tazuma, Yukio
  • Tazuma, Kimi


Courtesy of Yukio Tazuma

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Copyright restricted