Award of the World War II Victory Medal

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Saul Collection

February 23, 1946



  • Ching, Daniel K.F.
  • Porter, Henry W., Jr.
  • Los Panos, Allan
  • Hiram, Moses W.
  • Kido, Fumio
  • Ohori, Akira
  • Tottori, Calvin A.
  • Tsuji, Keiji
  • Wong, Tit S.
  • Yanamura, Herbert K.
  • Cash, Arthur
  • Chun, David T.
  • Di Cenzo, Armand E.
  • Kahanaoi, Howard H.
  • Koomoa, Thomas K.
  • Moreth, Henry N.
  • Slaughter, William
  • Thiele, Axel C.
  • Ishida, Hisao
  • Date, Itsuo
  • Zehala, Michael


Courtesy of Herbert K. Yanamura and the Saul Collection

Copyright restricted
Copyright restricted