Fresno Grapevine Vol. I No. 18 (July 22, 1942)

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ddr-densho-190-18 (Legacy UID: denshopd-i190-00018)

Fresno Grapevine Collection

Selected article titles: "Present Roll Call Period Time Retained" (p. 1), "12 Pints of Blood Donated" (p. 1), "Clothing to be Issued" (p. 1), "Center Gets Loudspeaker" (p. 1), "Editorial: Finance Division Has Its Share of Responsibilities" (p. 2), "State Books Obtainable" (p. 3), "Pickles are Made Here" (p. 3), "If Your Friend is Injured" (p. 3), "Canned Juices Now at Store" (p. 4), "Kitchen Worker Dies" (p. 4), "Hospitals Get Improvements" (p. 4), "Art Classes Paint Clacks and Figurines" (p. 4).

July 22, 1942




Courtesy of the Hoover Institution Library

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Copyright restricted