Information Digest No. 48

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ddr-densho-156-406 (Legacy UID: denshopd-p156-00406)

Bigelow Collection

Section titles: "Segregation"; "Director Myer's Field Trip"; "Physicians and Nurses for Center Positions Interviewed"; "Progress on WRA Movie"; "Participation in Community Activities"; "Gila River Dehydration Plant in Operation"; "Field Reports Officers to be Appointed"; "New WRA Publications"; "Red Cross Drives"; "Personnel Changes"; Leave Clearances"; "Central Utah Relocation Program"; "Teacher Shortage a Prospect"; "Engraved School Diplomas Prohibited"; "Field Procurement Offices Open"; "Tule Lake Relocation Program"; "Agricultural and Construction Progress"; "Space Available at Crystal City"; "Civil Service Appointment of Evacuees."

August 23, 1943

Miscellaneous Documents



Courtesy of the Bigelow Family Collection