Daily Press Review, Vol. III, No. 13

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ddr-densho-156-215 (Legacy UID: denshopd-p156-00215)

Bigelow Collection

Article titles: "Japanese Evacuees Like Camp in Idaho"; "Jap Expulsion Criticized"; "Cause Celebre"; "Fred Harvey's Ranch Will House Japanese"; "First Wedding Performed at Tule Lake Relocation Center"; "Last Japanese in Placer Move to Internment"; "Sacaton Center to Get Evacuees"; "Box Elder Imports Japanese Labor"; "Jap Balloon and Lantern Found Near Forest Fire"; "All Quiet at Manzanar"; "Nationals of Three More Countries in Enemy Alien List"; "Japanese Citizenship Topic of Dr. Pierce's Sermon"; "From a Notebook."

July 20, 1942

Miscellaneous Documents



Courtesy of the Bigelow Family Collection