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Kumasaka Collection



The Kumasaka collection, circa 1913-1930s, features the leisure and business activities of the Japanese American community of Green Lake, an area located in North Seattle. The Kumasaka family ran the Green Lake Gardens Company, a five-acre complex of greenhouses and farms. These photos were also used in the book, The Green Lake Japanese American Community, 1900-1942.



37 photographic prints, black and white


Courtesy of the Kumasaka Family Collection

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Copyright restricted

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Celery harvesting (ddr-densho-134-4)
img Celery harvesting (ddr-densho-134-4)
This issei-run celery field was located at North 100th Street and Meridian in Seattle.
Women working in greenhouse (ddr-densho-134-5)
img Women working in greenhouse (ddr-densho-134-5)
Easter Lilies had to bloom and be delivered to markets a few weeks before Easter Sunday. These women are wrapping the lilies in protective tissue paper, preparing them for delivery.
Beach party (ddr-densho-134-6)
img Beach party (ddr-densho-134-6)
Students of Lincoln High School on an outing to Richmond Beach in Seattle, Washington. Panel one (L to R): Roy Tanagi, Nobi Sasaki. Panel two (L to R): Ken Tanaka, Hiroshi Yahagi. Panel three (L to R): Yoshino Kano, Alice Ota, Mariko Kumasaka.
Large standard chrysanthemums on car (ddr-densho-134-9)
img Large standard chrysanthemums on car (ddr-densho-134-9)
This family operated the Green Lake Gardens Company, a five-acre complex of greenhouses and farms in North Seattle. They grew Easter Lilies, large standard chrysanthemums (pictured), and vegetables that were shipped around Seattle and Washington State.
Nisei children (ddr-densho-134-10)
img Nisei children (ddr-densho-134-10)
Back row (L to R): Michiko Nakawatase, Chimiko Nakawatase, Satoko Abe, Kazuko Sasaki. Middle row (L to R): Tomiye Mochizuki, Yoshiye Mochizuki, Martha Nishitani, Mariko Kumasaka. Front row (L to R): Connie Nishitani, unidentified.

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