Manzanar Free Press Vol. IV No. 28 (December 11, 1943)

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Manzanar Free Press Collection

Selected article titles: "Open West Gate to Cemetery" (p. 1), "Report Burglary in Canteen 8 Monday" (p. 1), "Invite Residents to Practice Caroling" (p. 1), "Judgment in Not Calling Army Troops to Settle Tule Riot Justified -- D. Myer" (p. 1), "Riot Foundation for Retaliation Related" (p. 1), "President Roosevelt Bans Racial Discrimination in War Industry" (p. 1), "To Centralize Responsibility for Broader Resettlement Program" (p. 3), "Ask Unemployed to Register for Work" (p. 3).

December 11, 1943




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