Minidoka Irrigator Vol. III No. 52 (February 19, 1944)

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Minidoka Irrigator Collection

Selected article titles: "Draft Calls 151 Hunt Men for Pre-Physicals at Boise. Leave Section Will Send Out Memos to Men; No Luggage Needed" (p. 1), "Evacuation Legality Case Appealed to Supreme Court" (p. 1), "Twin Falls City Council Views Racial Issues" (p. 1), "Aliens Must Carry Certificate of Identification" (p. 1), "New Fair Labor Practice Plan Made by Stafford" (p. 1), "Project Labor Cut to Meet Budget Quota" (p. 1), "WRA Makes Transfer Into Interior Dept." (p. 1), "Petitions Filed for Defense, Limits of Nisei Rights" (p. 1), "Nisei Must Align Himself With Progressives in Democracy" (p. 2).

February 19, 1944




Courtesy of Cherry Kinoshita

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