Minidoka Irrigator Vol. III No. 18 (June 26, 1943)

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Minidoka Irrigator Collection

Selected article titles: "Supreme Court Upholds Curfew Regulations. Yasui and Hirabayashi Must Serve Sentences" (p. 1), "Ready to Serve Sentences, Aver Curfew Violators" (p. 1), "Navy School Accomplishes Teaching Job. Director Visits Hunt, Seeks Qualified Men to Augment Faculty" (p. 1), "Minneapolis Friendliest City in U.S., Visiting Camp Savage Soldiers Agree" (p. 1), "11-year-old Youth Victim of Treacherous Canal Current" (p. 1), "Internee Family Reunions Delayed" (p. 1), "Merrill Takes Trip to Secure Materials for Staff Housing" (p. 1), "Why Relocate?" (p. 1), "Investigation Begun by Spanish Consul" (p. 2), "Seek to Review Loyalty Record of Every Nisei" (p. 2), "Prisoner's Camp Planned 25 Miles From This Center" (p. 3), "First Contingent Leaves for Savage to Start Classes" (p. 3), "Nisei in Hawaii Give $10,000 for 'Bombs on Tokyo'" (p. 3), "From Hilo to Gila and a Job in Elgin" (p. 3), "Fire Razes Five Buildings, Sheds at Santa Fe Camp" (p. 3), "Sgt. Matsui Seeks More Men for Language Study" (p. 3), "Oberlin Finds No Cause to Regret Admitting Nisei" (p. 3), "New Hearing Board Reviews All Leave Stop Orders" (p. 3), "Cooling System to be Installed in 'Movie' Halls" (p. 6), "Restrictions on Short Term Leaves Revealed" (p. 6), "Procedure Given For Re-induction Into Project" (p. 8), "Paul Y. Abe, Nisei, Faces Expulsion From Washington" (p. 8).

June 26, 1943




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