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Magden Collection ddr-densho-109

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Grade school class photo (ddr-densho-109-3)
img Grade school class photo (ddr-densho-109-3)
Fife Grade School, grades two and three. The teacher is Mrs. Corey.
Dedication ceremony performance (ddr-densho-109-4)
img Dedication ceremony performance (ddr-densho-109-4)
AWA dancers and players at the Point Defiance memorial dedication.
Memorial dedication (ddr-densho-109-5)
img Memorial dedication (ddr-densho-109-5)
Dedication of the Point Defiance Issei Memorial.
Issei memorial (ddr-densho-109-7)
img Issei memorial (ddr-densho-109-7)
Issei Memorial at Point Defiance in Tacoma, Washington.
Issei memorial plaque (ddr-densho-109-8)
img Issei memorial plaque (ddr-densho-109-8)
This is the plaque for the cherry tree dedication at the Point Defiance Issei Memorial.
Boy Scouts (ddr-densho-109-9)
img Boy Scouts (ddr-densho-109-9)
Front row (L to R): Kurt Osaka, David Yotsuuye, Kelly Morita, Tetsuro Mohri, Rick Tanabe, Gene Yotsuuye. Back row (L to R): Reverend Suya Pratt, Reverend Mohri.
Issei memorial dedication (ddr-densho-109-10)
img Issei memorial dedication (ddr-densho-109-10)
Point Defiance Issei Memorial dedication ceremony. Left to right: Kimiya Yasuda, Haruge Ishitani, Reverend Sunya Pratt, Shigeru Masugi, Asia Ikeda, Kameo Kujamura, Yoshiko (last name unknown), Kenji Kanda, Mitsako Yamasaki, Kumazo Yamasaki, Mitsu Fujimoto, Kimiko Fujimoto (Tanbara).
Tanomoshii meeting (ddr-densho-109-11)
img Tanomoshii meeting (ddr-densho-109-11)
Tanomoshii were savings associations formed for mutual financial support.
Japanese American politician (ddr-densho-109-14)
img Japanese American politician (ddr-densho-109-14)
Tom Takemura (R) campaigning against the alien land act.
Nisei soldier (ddr-densho-109-16)
img Nisei soldier (ddr-densho-109-16)
This soldier, Herbert Megumi Fukui, was killed in action during World War II. He earned a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.
Japanese American nurse (ddr-densho-109-17)
img Japanese American nurse (ddr-densho-109-17)
This woman, Teru Uno, was the first Japanese American nurse at Tacoma General Hospital.
Reverend at a Buddhist church dedication (ddr-densho-109-25)
img Reverend at a Buddhist church dedication (ddr-densho-109-25)
Reverend J. Yuhawa is at the dedication of Tacoma, Washington's first Buddhist church.
Japanese community photo (ddr-densho-109-27)
img Japanese community photo (ddr-densho-109-27)
This reproduction was made in 1993. The original photo was taken in 1917.

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