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B. Shibayama Collection



The B. Shibayama collection consists of photographs from the personal family collection of Betty Morita Shibayama, who was interviewed by Densho in 2003. The photographs document Betty's life in prewar Hood River, Oregon, her experiences in Minidoka concentration camp, Idaho, and her involvement in the fight for redress for Japanese Latin Americans.



12 photographic prints, color and black and white


Courtesy of the B. Shibayama Family Collection

Copyright restricted
Copyright restricted

12 Objects

Family portrait (ddr-densho-106-1)
img Family portrait (ddr-densho-106-1)
(L to R): Betty Morita Shibayama's father's grandmother, Betty's grandmother (daughter), Seki, Betty's father's sister.
Family photograph (ddr-densho-106-3)
img Family photograph (ddr-densho-106-3)
Betty Morita Shibayama's family: front row (L to R): Masano, Father's sister Mrs. Idani, Father's grandmother, Mrs. Idani's son (?), Father's grandfather. Back row (L to R): Mother's aunt, Grandfather, Mr. Idani, Grandmother, Mrs. Idani's son (?).
Two Japanese American couples (ddr-densho-106-4)
img Two Japanese American couples (ddr-densho-106-4)
Back (L to R): Betty Morita Shibayama's grandfather, father. Front (L to R): grandmother, mother.
Japanese Americans in front of a house (ddr-densho-106-5)
img Japanese Americans in front of a house (ddr-densho-106-5)
Back (L to R): Mr. Junkichi Hachiya, Grandfather Kashichi, Paul, Father, Claude. Front (L to R): Junior, Betty Morita Shibayama, Mother, Ruth, Flora.
Family outside their home (ddr-densho-106-6)
img Family outside their home (ddr-densho-106-6)
At Morita house in Odell. Grandfather, Flora, Betty, Claude, Tim Nishimoto (neighbor), Junior.
Family friend (ddr-densho-106-7)
img Family friend (ddr-densho-106-7)
Betty Morita Shibayama's friend Nancy O'Dell from Hood River, Oregon. Photo sent to Betty in Tule Lake concentration camp.
Japanese Americans in front of barrack (ddr-densho-106-8)
img Japanese Americans in front of barrack (ddr-densho-106-8)
Near family barracks. (L to R): Father Mototsugu, Paul, Grandfather, Claude, Mr. Hachiya, Junior.
Sunday School class (ddr-densho-106-9)
img Sunday School class (ddr-densho-106-9)
Betty Morita Shibayama is in the back row, sixth from the right.

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