442nd Regimental Combat Team

The 100th Infantry Battalion began as part of the Hawaii National Guard. On June 5, 1942, 1,432 men left Hawaii for training at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, and later at Camp Shelby, Mississippi. The 100th shipped out to North Africa on August 23, 1943, and saw heavy action in Italy. Because of its heavy casualties and many honors, the 100th became known as the "Purple Heart Battalion." The 442nd Regimental Combat Team was initially formed in 1943 from Japanese American volunteers from Hawaii and the mainland. Perhaps not surprisingly, only about 1,250 Japanese Americans volunteered from the concentration camps. In Hawaii, where there was no mass removal, almost 10,000 volunteered. The 442nd arrived in Italy in June 1944 where the battle-tested 100th Infantry Battalion became its 1st Battalion. In seven major campaigns, the 442nd became the most decorated unit for its size and length of service; the unit suffered 9,476 casualties, more than 300 percent of its original strength.

442nd Regimental Combat Team (1201)

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1201 items
Soldiers playing basketball (ddr-densho-201-400)
img Soldiers playing basketball (ddr-densho-201-400)
Caption on front: "C. Co 100th Bn basketball court, Leghorn, Italy."
Japanese American soldiers at Verona railway station (ddr-densho-201-69)
img Japanese American soldiers at Verona railway station (ddr-densho-201-69)
Three Japanese American soldiers, probably at Verona Porta Nuova railway station in Verona, Italy. Caption on reverse: "Koichi Asano, Yukio Arishiro."
Three soldiers posed (ddr-densho-201-249)
img Three soldiers posed (ddr-densho-201-249)
Japanese American and white soldiers posed with their arms around each other.
Hotel-Pension Sonnwendhof (ddr-densho-201-408)
img Hotel-Pension Sonnwendhof (ddr-densho-201-408)
Caption on reverse: "Hotel-Pension Sonnwendhof Engelberg Tel. 7 71 42; Copyright by K. Meuser; Spezialgeschaft fur Photographie, Engelberg." Written on reverse: "1st day--Chiasso Dep.8.32 Lucerne Arr. 12.43 Over-night January 2, 1946 Lucerne Dep. 10.46 by boat Stansstad Arr. 11.37 Stanssad Dep. 11.45 Engelberg Arr. 12.47 Lunch Overnight. 3rd 4th ...
img "Bows Out in Blaze of Glory" (ddr-densho-201-225)
Caption on front: "Bows Out In Blaze of Glory." Caption on side: "C. Company, Cpt. Walter Johnson, 1st Lt. Anthony Deluca, 1st Lt. Samuel Leibitz, 1st Lt. Bert Tanaka. Kenge Sakagami, Imoto, Omoto, Urada, Shikuma, Takahashi, Bob Sato, C. Co 442nd?"
Carrara aerial cityscape (ddr-densho-201-114)
img Carrara aerial cityscape (ddr-densho-201-114)
Aerial view of the city of Carrara, Italy. A man and two chlidren sit on a ledge looking over the city.
Man at train station (ddr-densho-201-433)
img Man at train station (ddr-densho-201-433)
Man wearing a suit at a train station in Landquart, Switzerland.
Soldiers and civilians watching a football game (ddr-densho-201-443)
img Soldiers and civilians watching a football game (ddr-densho-201-443)
Soldiers and civilians watching a football game. Caption on reverse: "Football."
Soldier crouched on ground (ddr-densho-201-91)
img Soldier crouched on ground (ddr-densho-201-91)
Soldier crouched on ground. Caption on reverse: "92."
img "R.T.C. 208 Co. B, 2nd Platoon, Camp Blanding Florida, Aug. - Dec. 1943" (ddr-densho-201-404)
Caption on reverse: "1st Row: George Tanagi Seattle, John Tanaka - Idaho Falls, Joe Ono - , Nobu Sakaguchi - , Satoru Sakuma, Mt. Vernon, Wash., Tamio Sakata, Roy Ono - Los Angles [sic], Mits Sakurada - Blackfoot Idaho, Ted Tadehara. 2nd Row: Emo Suzuki, Frank Shiota, Roy Ono, Ishida, Ernist [sic] Seko, Shiozaki - Idaho Falls, George Okura - Auburn Wash. (deceased), Huddy Tomomatsu ...
img "Florence swimming pool" (ddr-densho-201-423)
Men at a swimming pool. Caption on reverse: "Florence swimming pool."