442nd Regimental Combat Team

The 100th Infantry Battalion began as part of the Hawaii National Guard. On June 5, 1942, 1,432 men left Hawaii for training at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, and later at Camp Shelby, Mississippi. The 100th shipped out to North Africa on August 23, 1943, and saw heavy action in Italy. Because of its heavy casualties and many honors, the 100th became known as the "Purple Heart Battalion." The 442nd Regimental Combat Team was initially formed in 1943 from Japanese American volunteers from Hawaii and the mainland. Perhaps not surprisingly, only about 1,250 Japanese Americans volunteered from the concentration camps. In Hawaii, where there was no mass removal, almost 10,000 volunteered. The 442nd arrived in Italy in June 1944 where the battle-tested 100th Infantry Battalion became its 1st Battalion. In seven major campaigns, the 442nd became the most decorated unit for its size and length of service; the unit suffered 9,476 casualties, more than 300 percent of its original strength.

442nd Regimental Combat Team (1518)

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Nisei soldiers (ddr-densho-34-34)
img Nisei soldiers (ddr-densho-34-34)
Art Koura (front row, second from the right) at army training camp.
doc Article: "These are the Japyanks" (ddr-densho-35-325)
An article written by Mike Masaoka on the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Newspaper unknown.
Scrapbook page (ddr-densho-35-323)
doc Scrapbook page (ddr-densho-35-323)
One article from Pacific Citizen titled: "Hawaiian stars of 442nd Unit Give Exhibition in Milan." Three articles from the Minidoka Irrigator, one of which is titled "Japanese Americans Honor Fallen Comrades." From scrapbook page titled: "Nisei in Europe (cont'd)."
Scrapbook page (ddr-densho-35-327)
doc Scrapbook page (ddr-densho-35-327)
Articles from the Oregonian, one of which is titled "Saved by Nisei."
Sunday Oregonian article (ddr-densho-35-335)
doc Sunday Oregonian article (ddr-densho-35-335)
Newspaper article from scrapbook page titled: "Frank Hayachida: He Was American at Birth - And at Death."
Funeral service for a Nisei soldier (ddr-densho-36-1)
img Funeral service for a Nisei soldier (ddr-densho-36-1)
This service for a Nisei soldier was held at the Seattle Buddhist Church.
Funeral service for a Nisei soldier (ddr-densho-36-2)
img Funeral service for a Nisei soldier (ddr-densho-36-2)
Funeral service for a Nisei soldier at the Washelli Cemetery.
Nisei military volunteers (ddr-densho-37-329)
img Nisei military volunteers (ddr-densho-37-329)
Original WRA caption: A family group picture of the Sakura family. Left to right are, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sakura and their baby, Frederick Scott Sakura, 10 weeks old; Chester is holding Chester, Jr., age 2; John David, age 7, is standing in [front] of Mrs. Chester Sakura; Gerald 3-1/2 is in front of Kenny; Mrs. ...
Nisei soldiers (ddr-densho-37-339)
img Nisei soldiers (ddr-densho-37-339)
Original caption: The standards of Company A, B, C, and D of the 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regiment, 34th Division, composed of Americans of Japanese descent, are topped with flying battle streamers, awarded through a presidential citation, tied on by Lt. Gen. Mark W. Clark, CG, U.S. Fifth Army. Rosignano Area, Italy, 7/27/44.
The Newell Star, Vol. II, No. 18 (May 4, 1945) (ddr-densho-284-67)
doc The Newell Star, Vol. II, No. 18 (May 4, 1945) (ddr-densho-284-67)
Selected article titles: "Baseball Season Opens Tomorrow: Director to Throw First Ball" (p. 1), "War Dept.: 442nd Makes Big Gains in Italy" (pp. 1-2), "Center Firemen Help Quell Tule Lake Fire" (p. 1), and "'May Day' Set for This Sunday" (p. 4).
Nisei soldier's Purple Heart (ddr-densho-105-20)
img Nisei soldier's Purple Heart (ddr-densho-105-20)
Purple Heart awarded Minoru Tsubota, Warrant Officer (Junior Grade), 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Combat wounded in Cerebia, Italy, Aug. 24, 1944.
Nisei soldiers writing letters (ddr-densho-114-37)
img Nisei soldiers writing letters (ddr-densho-114-37)
Original caption: Charmois Area, France. Americans of Japanese descent of the 442nd Combat Team, 100th Infantry Battalion, in bivouac prepare to go late front lines for their first contact with the Germans in France. Tec 5 Teroo Goma, Honokaa, Hawaii; Pvt. Nolan Miyazake, Wailua, Oahu, Hawaii; and Pvt. Kunio Ogawa, Kahului, Maue, Hawaii, write letters and ...
Nisei veteran blinded in battle (ddr-densho-114-168)
img Nisei veteran blinded in battle (ddr-densho-114-168)
Original caption: Oahu, T.H. Pfc. Kiyoto Nakai, Japanese-American veteran of the 442nd Infantry Regiment, who was blinded in battle, sits with his seeing-eye dog, Cubby and his fiancee, Miss Miyaho Hiratoni, at the Army's North Sector General Hospital. Schofield Barracks. 10 September 1945.