Military service

The story of Japanese Americans in the military during World War II is complex and in many ways ironic. It is a story of mistrust by the very country for which these soldiers placed themselves in harms' way. Many were drafted directly out of the camps and fought for democracy abroad while their parents and families were incarcerated by their own government.

World War II (66)
Military service (830)

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830 items
Fishermen (ddr-densho-201-837)
img Fishermen (ddr-densho-201-837)
Caption in album: "Hey Joe, pineapple three for $10 / Antioch Victory (broke down) stuck at Azore [sic] one week. / J.W. McAndrew transfer."
doc "Entering 92d Inf Div Area 1942-1945" (ddr-densho-201-405)
One-hundred-page booklet. Title on cover: "Entering 92nd Inf Div Area 1942-1945." Page three: "October 1942 - June 1945 With the 92d Infantry Division; Published by Information - Education Section, MTOUSA [Mediterranean Theater of Operations, United States Army]; Compiled by Historical Committee, 92nd Infantry Division. Photos Courtesy 'THE BUFFALO' and APS. Drawings- Sgt. Ted Shearer; Maps-S/Sgt. Rodney …
doc "The Stars and Stripes Mediterranean" Newspaper April 1946 (ddr-densho-201-449)
"The Stars and Stripes Mediterranean; Unofficial paper of U.S. forces in the Mediterranean Theatre; Vol. 2, No. 261, Wednesday, April 10, 1946; Printed in Italy; Five Lire."
img "US Army Rest Center in Rome Italy" (ddr-densho-201-278)
Caption on front: "US Army Rest Center in Rome Italy." The Mussolini Forum Rest Center in Rome.
doc "Penbase Press: Peninsular Base Section, U.S. Army" Newspaper (ddr-densho-201-448)
Vol. 1, no. 65, April 10, 1946 edition of the Penbase Press newspaper. "Peninsular Base Section" refers to U.S. Military operations in Italy.
A couple at Gila River (ddr-densho-328-305)
img A couple at Gila River (ddr-densho-328-305)
Caption in album: "Ruth and Tsut[?] / Gila Camp Arkansas / 1944."
Photograph album dedicated to Bussei soldiers in World War II (ddr-densho-328-535)
doc Photograph album dedicated to Bussei soldiers in World War II (ddr-densho-328-535)
A photograph album created by the Ogden Y.B.A. (Young Buddhists Association) chapter and dedicated to the Bussei veterans who fought in World War II.
Friends in Pacific Grove (ddr-densho-328-88)
img Friends in Pacific Grove (ddr-densho-328-88)
Caption in album: "Taken at Pacific Grove / Seichi, Shig, Richard."
Soldiers (ddr-densho-325-126)
img Soldiers (ddr-densho-325-126)
Sumito Horiuchi (middle) with two unknown soldiers. Written on the back of the photograph is "1943 Community Warehouse Camp Grant Illinois Sumito Horiuchi"
Page of Hisa Nimura Horiuchi Scrapbook (ddr-densho-325-13)
img Page of Hisa Nimura Horiuchi Scrapbook (ddr-densho-325-13)
A collection of photographs of Hisa's friends during World War II.
Nisei soldiers (ddr-densho-325-114)
img Nisei soldiers (ddr-densho-325-114)
Sumito Horiuchi on right with unknown soldier