Military service

The story of Japanese Americans in the military during World War II is complex and in many ways ironic. It is a story of mistrust by the very country for which these soldiers placed themselves in harms' way. Many were drafted directly out of the camps and fought for democracy abroad while their parents and families were incarcerated by their own government.

Military service (302)

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302 items
Shikie Kihara and husband (ddr-densho-252-75)
img Shikie Kihara and husband (ddr-densho-252-75)
A man in a military uniform standing next to a seated woman in a kimono in front of a building. (Left to right) Unknown Shimazu and Shikie Kihara. Caption on Post-it: "Shikie Kihara w/husb., mar[ried] ? Shimazu. Her husband was 1st one to bomb Nanking."
Reunion of Nisei veterans (ddr-densho-8-1)
img Reunion of Nisei veterans (ddr-densho-8-1)
Left to right: Debbie McQuilken, Senator Daniel Inouye, and General David A. Bramlett. The two men on the left are unidentified.
Wayne and Hideo Kato (ddr-densho-258-87)
img Wayne and Hideo Kato (ddr-densho-258-87)
Two men, one in a military uniform, standing outside a building. Caption below: "Wayne & Hideo Kato."
In uniform (ddr-densho-258-86)
img In uniform (ddr-densho-258-86)
Two men in military uniforms standing outside a building. Caption below: "Hideo."
The Kinkatis News Vol. I No. 2 (ddr-densho-280-115)
doc The Kinkatis News Vol. I No. 2 (ddr-densho-280-115)
Selected article titles: "Intramuros Case Next" (p. 1), "Quick View of the News" (p. 1), "Kinkatrick Travelogue" (p. 1).
Soldier outside a theater (ddr-densho-91-11)
img Soldier outside a theater (ddr-densho-91-11)
Camp Kaiserslatten in Southern Germany near Landstool Airbase.
Koreans welcoming American troops (ddr-densho-299-108)
img Koreans welcoming American troops (ddr-densho-299-108)
Caption: "In Korea, the populace await the arrival of American troops at the end of the war."
Japanese forces signing the surrender treaty (ddr-densho-299-96)
img Japanese forces signing the surrender treaty (ddr-densho-299-96)
Caption: "Aboard the USS Missouri, the victors and the vanquished sign the historic / surrender document."
Japanese soldiers returning after surrender (ddr-densho-299-3)
img Japanese soldiers returning after surrender (ddr-densho-299-3)
Caption on reverse: "Soldiers / returning after / surrender."
Nisei soldiers eating (ddr-densho-114-44)
img Nisei soldiers eating (ddr-densho-114-44)
Original caption: North Africa Theater. Japanese soldiers in the U.S. Army, are eating chow in the field, using a pan for a stove, L to R: Capt. Victor J. Bonin, Lowell, Mass., and Hilo, Hawaii; Pfc. Morio Kidani, Honolulu; and Pfc. Yasuo Takenouchi, Kapaa, Kauai. 1943.