Work and jobs

Both Issei and Nisei took jobs within the camps, at wages set not to exceed soldiers' pay: $12 per month for unskilled labor, $16 for skilled labor, and $19 for professional employees. WRA staff was paid much more for the same jobs. Though public opinion mandated such low pay, dissatisfied Japanese Americans objected to losing their right to make a decent living. They had to use their sparse income for necessities, such as warm clothing and shoes.

Work and jobs (546)

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Commercial artist (ddr-densho-93-1)
img Commercial artist (ddr-densho-93-1)
Original Ansel Adams caption: Ahio Matsumoto, commercial artist.
The Newell Star, Vol. III, No. 4 (January 25, 1946) (ddr-densho-284-114)
doc The Newell Star, Vol. III, No. 4 (January 25, 1946) (ddr-densho-284-114)
Selected article titles: "Jobs Available for Those Who May be Released" (pp. 1-2), "Express Appreciation of Cooperation Shown" (p. 1), and "N. J. Farm Reiterates Need for More Workers" (p. 2).
Mess hall staff posing for a group photo (ddr-densho-292-3)
img Mess hall staff posing for a group photo (ddr-densho-292-3)
Caption on reverse: "Torakichi Nishioka 4th from left, top row. Washed dishes for $16 month, doctors just $19 month. Mess hall staff, Topaz. Top row, 2nd from right Hosoda (last name). This family owned mochi stores in San Francisco."
Nisei standing in concentration camp firebreak (ddr-densho-111-1)
img Nisei standing in concentration camp firebreak (ddr-densho-111-1)
Elaine Ishikawa Hayes was employed by Tule Lake's recreation department. She is pictured here standing in the firebreak near the recreation department barracks.
Man farming (ddr-hmwf-1-97)
img Man farming (ddr-hmwf-1-97)
"Man farming with Heart Mountain in the background"
Camp Maintenance (ddr-hmwf-1-70)
img Camp Maintenance (ddr-hmwf-1-70)
"Men maintaining camp areas" xx Super Ikonta B, April 8-1944
Men Working (ddr-hmwf-1-542)
img Men Working (ddr-hmwf-1-542)
"Sidney, 12/30/1944" as described on back, men standing together out in a field
Nurses (ddr-hmwf-1-196)
img Nurses (ddr-hmwf-1-196)
"Japanese and Caucasion nurses in front of Nurse Quarter"
Nurses (ddr-hmwf-1-582)
img Nurses (ddr-hmwf-1-582)
Caucasian nurses posing on steps to Nurses Quarter
Girl Typing (ddr-hmwf-1-111)
img Girl Typing (ddr-hmwf-1-111)
"Yasu Yamaoka, Blocks Office, 29-25, Feb 4 1944" as described on back, l7 f5.6 1/10, super xx DK20-5-D76-25