Work and jobs

Both Issei and Nisei took jobs within the camps, at wages set not to exceed soldiers' pay: $12 per month for unskilled labor, $16 for skilled labor, and $19 for professional employees. WRA staff was paid much more for the same jobs. Though public opinion mandated such low pay, dissatisfied Japanese Americans objected to losing their right to make a decent living. They had to use their sparse income for necessities, such as warm clothing and shoes.

Work and jobs (546)

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Japanese Americans clearing land (ddr-densho-37-567)
img Japanese Americans clearing land (ddr-densho-37-567)
Original WRA caption: Topaz, Utah. Volunteer workers clearing sagebrush and wild guayule from a section of the lands of the Topaz Relocation Center to be used for truck gardening and animal foreage acreage.
Japanese Americans harvesting spinach (ddr-densho-37-779)
img Japanese Americans harvesting spinach (ddr-densho-37-779)
Original WRA caption: Granada Relocation Center, Amache, Colorado. Harvesting the first spinach from the project farm.
Japanese American mechanics (ddr-densho-37-570)
img Japanese American mechanics (ddr-densho-37-570)
Original WRA caption: Topaz, Utah. Keeping well warm motor equipment running is a problem confronting these two Nisei volunteer mechanics, at the Topaz Relocation Center.
Coal crew (ddr-densho-37-700)
img Coal crew (ddr-densho-37-700)
Original WRA caption: Half of special coal crew which trucked --- tons of coal five miles from Hunt siding to Minidoka Relocation Center in --- months. One crew worked nights and the other days.
Japanese Americans making tofu (ddr-densho-37-157)
img Japanese Americans making tofu (ddr-densho-37-157)
Original WRA caption: This product called "Age" is made from the bean curd. This is shown in the picture. The curd is fried in deep soy-bean fat until browned. This factory is operated by the Co-op.
Camp soap factory (ddr-densho-37-610)
img Camp soap factory (ddr-densho-37-610)
Original WRA caption: Jerome Relocation Center, Denson, Arkansas. At the Jerome Relocation Center, where some 8,000 west coast residents of Japanese ancestry now reside, Mr. K. Oyama, former California cosmetics manufacturer, set up a soap factory in a corner of a school block laundry, rendering the waste meat fats from the center kitchens. This factory has ...
Japanese American woodworker (ddr-densho-93-4)
img Japanese American woodworker (ddr-densho-93-4)
Original Ansel Adams caption: Hidimi Tayenaka (woodworker), Manzanar Relocation Center, California.
Butcher shop (ddr-densho-93-33)
img Butcher shop (ddr-densho-93-33)
Original Ansel Adams caption: Butcher shop, Manzanar Relocation Center / photograph by Ansel Adams.
The Newell Star, Vol. I, No. 28 (September 7, 1944) (ddr-densho-284-34)
doc The Newell Star, Vol. I, No. 28 (September 7, 1944) (ddr-densho-284-34)
Selected article titles: "LA Police Drops Judo Training from Curriculum" (pp. 1-2), "Response Favorable on Job Termination Policy" (p. 1), and "Renunciation Bill Under Review--Myer" (p. 1).
The Newell Star, Vol. II, No. 52 (December 28, 1945) (ddr-densho-284-110)
doc The Newell Star, Vol. II, No. 52 (December 28, 1945) (ddr-densho-284-110)
Selected article titles: "Tule Parolees to Be Granted Hearings Soon" (p. 1), "Justice Dept.: Renunciants May Now Apply for Hearings" (pp. 1-2), "3550 Voluntary Repatriates En Route to Japan" (p. 1), and "Need for More Workers Announced by Placement" (p. 2).
Co-Op News, Vol 1. No. 1 (May 20, 1943) (ddr-densho-288-1)
doc Co-Op News, Vol 1. No. 1 (May 20, 1943) (ddr-densho-288-1)
Selected article titles: "Announcing the First Issue of the Co-Op News!" (p. 1), "Photo Services for Residents" (p. 1), "Questions and Answers" (p. 1).
Co-Op News, Vol I. No. 12 (August 19, 1943) (ddr-densho-288-10)
doc Co-Op News, Vol I. No. 12 (August 19, 1943) (ddr-densho-288-10)
Selected article titles: "Ice Shortage Due to Army Demand Affects Co-Op" (p. 1), "Wanted: Sales Clerks to Replace Tule Lake Transferees" (p. 1), "Salt Lake Tribune: Block Managers Aid in Distribution" (p. 1), "Withdrawls from Bank can be Made at Any Time" (p. 1).